As a motivation we offer so called SwimStars. Those are representing at the same time the goals for our groups. If a child achieves a swimStar it means that he or she is ready for the next higher group the following swimming semester.


Blue (= goals beginner)

  • Rocket with flutterkick and breasstroke arms ~6m
  • The boat (flutterkick on the back ~6m)
  • Jump a candle and dive back to the pool edge
  • Dive ~1m depth

Black (= goals advanced beginner)

  • Rocket with flutterkick and breasstroke arms ~12m
  • Backstroke ~12m
  • Crawl catch up hands ~12m
  • Breaststroke legs
  • Basics of a header + dive about 3m length

Red (= goals intermediate)

  • 2 laps backstroke
  • 2 laps breasstroke
  • 2 laps crawl
  • A header + diving 5m length
  • 1 lap butterfly legs

Gold (= goals expert)

  • 8 laps backstroke + 1 flip turn
  • 8 laps breaststroke
  • 12 laps crawl + 2 flip turns
  • 1 lap butterfly
  • Race dive + dive half a lap with dolphin kicks


  • No kid come away empty handed!
  • Not all requests for a blue/black/red/golden Swimstar are fullfilled
  • Keep on training and you will definitely get your next swimstar