Beginner: The first priority is that your child can save himself / herself when he/she falls into the water. What’s the plan: if your child falls into the pool it shoud not be shocked! Your Kid learns how to come up to surface and breath, than do flutterkick while diving back to the wall. We focus on flutterkick , breaststroke arms, diving and jumping so your child gets comfortable in the water.

Advanced Beginner: Already swims short distances without help (with flutterkick and breaststroke arms). The goal is to increase the swimming distance and start with basics of crawl, backstroke and breaststroke.

Intermediate: This class takes place in a 25m pool. The kids should be able to swim at least 15m without help. Priority is to improve the three strokes crawl, backstroke and breaststroke.

Expert: Improve the three strokes crawl, backstroke and breaststroke and work on the supreme stroke butterfly. Some endurance training is included in the program.

Our swim stars help the kids to be motivated for their goals. For Example: Your child gets the swim star in the beginners group, because she/he is able to do all exercises needed for the blue swim star. Now she / he is ready for the next group, the advanced beginners group and now works on the next coloured swim star.

Trainingsgroup: You want to swim regularly but are not interessted in competitive swimming? Then you are absolutely rigth here! You can improve your swimming technique and endurance. Swimming as exercise to busy times.