Baby and Toddler swimming in Floridsdorfer Bad

a nice colleague of us offers swimming for babys and toddlers in Floridadorferbad and has some free spots:

  • 5 sessions á 25 minutes in warm water
  • € 140,-
  • few free spots:
    • Babys – 12:05, 12:55
    • Toddler 1 year old – 12:05
    • Toddler 2years ols – 11:40
    • children 4-5 years – 13:20
    • children 5-6 years – 12:30, 14:0

For further infos please visit her homepage:

Swimming courses in Amalienbad

We can start swimming again!

Due to many closed indoor pools, we are moving our courses to Amalienbad with 9th June until 24th July!

We offer following course times! The lessons are taking place one a week!

wednesday 9.06 – 21.07:

  • 15 – 16:00 > Beginners  and  Advanced Beginners
  •  16 – 17:00 > Beginners andAdvanced Beginners
  • 17 – 18:00 > Intermediates

thursday 10.06 – 22.07:

  • 15 – 16:00 > Advanced Beginners
  • 16 – 17:00 > Advanced Beginners

Samstags 10.06 – 24.07:

  • 8 – 9:00 > Intermediates
  • 9 – 10:00 > Experten

Coursefees are €168 .- per child

Please contact us through mail if you are interessted in one of the courses or if you want to sign up!

swimming course

We are trying hard in  arrangement with the Magistrat to restart our swimmingcourse in indoorpools in June. The health and well being of our swimmers is  important to us and we are trying to offer a best possible course for you before summer. As soon as all details are worked out we will publish the news!

See you soon in the water!

Summer is coming! Swimmingsaison starts?!

Soon the government will give us more information under which conditions we can continue our swimming programm.  The outdoorpool saison will probably open mid of may. If the indoorpools open too, is not sure at the moment. To run a regular swimming course, it is important for us to have a pool where we can teach independently from the weather. We want to stay planable for children and parents, although the pandemie tought us to be flexible 🙂 We keep you updated when we restart our swimming program!



We ask for your support!

Dear parents, dear kids,

We would love to see you again soon, but with raising Covid 19 numbers the public pools will not open for swimming schools after easter. My understandig for permanent closing disappears, as the pools are filled with water nobody uses. Looking to the upcoming  summer season it is very important non swimmers and weak swimmers get the possibility to practice and  get support from trained coaches. We have a good concept to reduce risk of infection. Please help us in signing the petition, so we can do our job!

Thank you!

Hopefully see you soon at the pool!

Baby and Toddlerswimming in the Großfeldsiedlung

a nice colleague of us offers swimming for babys and toddlers in Großfeldsiedlung and has some free spots:


  • Babys at about. 9 month until 2 years  14:05 until 14:30
  • Toddlers *2018 – 15:00 until 15:25
  • Kids*2017 – 15:50 until 16:15
  • Kids *2016 – 15:25 until 15:50
  • children witout parents *2014 and*2015 – 14:30 until 14:55
  • spot for an individual childrens group 13:40 until 14:05. if some children/ parents  want to have a friends swimming

For further infos please visit her homepage:

Schwimmcourse starting october

We’ve got good news!!

The Döblinger Indoorpool opens earlier then expected, so we can start our swimming courses in October already! The coursetimes are slightly changed and we will have smaller groups to take care of the health of our swimmers!

We are happy to meet you in one of our courses starting 7th october 2020

wednesday: (7.10  – 16.12.2020)

14:45 – 15:25 Beginner, Advanced Beginner

15:30 –  16:10 Beginner, Advanced Beginner

thursday: (8.10.- 17.12.2020)

14:45 – 15:25 Beginner, Advanced Beginner

15:30 –  16:10 Beginner, Advanced Beginner

16:45 – 17:30 Intermediates , Experts

17:30 –  18:15 Intermediates

18:15 – 19:00 Experts, trainingsgroup adolescent – hobby

19:00 – 19:55 trainingsgroup adolescent -hobby,  adult swim training – hobby


The registration will open Tuesday 22nd september 2020 on our homepage

Best regards and stay healthy!

Malou & Team