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We offer the following groups:

Beginners: from 4 years – 6 years > we gain first water experience, how can I move in the water, does the water carry me?, first jumping and diving attempts, how can I save myself to the edge of the pool if I fall into the water.

Advanced Beginners: from 5 years – 6 years > I progress from diving to swimming, swimming without floaties requires practice. We playfully extend the swimming distances and the first swimming techniques are recognizable

Intermediates: from about 7 years > I can manage a length in the sports pool, but also in different swimming strokes? We work on your crawl, back and breatstroke technique

Experts: from about 9 years > here you can improve your swimming technique in 4 strokes and work on your condition. A varied program that turns you into a swimming all-rounder.

Hobby adolecence: for all swimmers who want to swim regularly as compensation to everyday life. We work on you technique and endurance.